Why YESA ?

Imagine an education that you get paid for. Imagine graduating - not with a massive student loan and uncertainty, but with money in the bank, in-demand skills, a polished personal brand, a proven revenue portfolio, and a secure work placement. That program is YESAcademy, and it's shattering stereotypes around sales and reshaping the way young professionals enter the workplace.

Future of Education

Discover how YESA is transforming the future of education.

Our Education Vs. Theirs

Learn the difference between YESA’s education and traditional university.

The Ultimate Career Opportunity!
Get Paid, Get Educated.

“House League Can’t teach House League…

...How To Make The Major Leagues”


To inspire North America with a new breed of energetic, ethical, high-performing sales professionals who care about their contribution and work hard to create bright futures..


To create the largest rise of empowered young professionals ever seen in history through revolutionizing business education. We will help young people realize that genuine self-development is more likely to come from sources other than a state curriculum..




Results before Reputation. We deliver results not promises. We manage everything by the numbers and let the numbers tell the story because numbers don’t lie.



Brand Over Sales. Our academy produces ethical salespeople who understand the big picture and put our clients brand and reputation ahead of customer acquisition.



Why Over What. Our first commitment is to your business. By understanding your culture, brand, and direction, we are able to apply elevated levels of ingenuity while remaining brand correct.



People Over Product. People are our biggest asset by far. Our clients' success is built on our ability to find and shape the brightest minds. We help people be more than they thought possible.



Ethics Over Everything. We achieve unparalleled results because we prioritize customer trust over the need to close the deal. We deliver record level trust, respect and admiration for the organizations we represent.

The Ultimate Career Opportunity!
Get Paid, Get Educated.