YESA vs The Competition

THEM (Standard Telecom Sales Vendors)

Finally, you can stop risking your brand in the pursuit of customer acquisition. YESA is a vendor – by choosing YESA, you’re choosing a vendor with a proven track record of success across multiple metrics; the volume of sales, high ARPU (average revenue per user), low cancellation rates, and near-zero complaints per sale percentage.

  • Your brand is on the line with every interaction
  • High turnover equals inadequate training and poor-quality sales
  • Inadequate training and drilling provided to front line representatives
  • Representatives lack skills and training to properly navigate negative interactions and customer complaints
  • Sales tactics and approaches fall right into common stereotypes of the industry
  • High pressure sales tactics and manipulation techniques causes a high percentage of brand damaging complaints.
  • Low lifetime value of customers acquired and high cancellation rates

US (YES Acquisitions Unique Model)

  • We never jeopardize your brand
  • We don’t churn and burn. Our people stay
  • Our team can communicate clearly and effectively solve customer problems
  • Our team can communicate clearly and effectively
  • We do the opposite of the typical stereotypes and stigmas in this industry
  • We create a better brand experience for your customer
  • We create a seamless experience
  • We create customers for life

If you have any questions, let’s have a call and we’ll walk you through our operations.


1295 North Service Road Burlington, ON L7P 0V5

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