Our Team

Executive Team

Corrie ‘George’ Elieff

CEO & Co-Founder

Kyle Zelazny

COO & Co-Founder

Rafferty Pendery

Chief Strategy Officer

Matt Elieff

Chief Marketing Officer

Christa Brown

Chief of Staff

Kassie Boucher

Director of Recruitment

Conrad Czopinski

General Manager

Office Staff

Natalia Aslamova

Financial Controller

Dea Kodra

Internal Marketing Manager

Cameron Diaz

Administration Manager

Trevor Zelazny

Operations Manager

Maria Abramov

Executive Assistant

Camila Capretti

Finance Manager

Daniel Boileau

Production Manager

Moe Ammar


Kody Audette

Graphics Designer

Roslyn Elieff

Operations Support


Yonathan Abebe

Territory Director

Dylan Bartley

Territory Director

Sean Tokariuk

Territory Director

Sales Managers

Mohammad Shirani

Royal Mbakwe

Mehdi Ghorbani

Eric Iradakunda

Steven Cay

Beneel Jaba

Soheil Homayed

Hussein Salame

Mohamed Ataelmanan

Ziad Husseini

Hussain Alebrahim


1295 North Service Road Burlington, ON L7P 0V5

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