How It Works

When you come to work for YESA, you're getting the ultimate employment opportunity; one where you receive a real-world education paired with in-field sales experience. You'll discover the courage to stretch beyond your limits and learn from personal defeat. You'll immerse yourself in a comprehensive study of the world's most successful individuals and the traits they possess. And you'll learn to absorb and apply those traits to new professional and personal challenges every day.

The Ultimate Career Opportunity! Get Paid, Get Educated.

This program teaches you persistence, dedication, and ethics. We don't give out participation ribbons and we don't protect you from getting knocked down. Instead, we teach you how to get back up. You'll learn the value of personal leadership, the importance of money, and the true value of rejection. Here, the real value of your work is not a grade on an exam; it’s the reward that comes from pushing beyond failure. It's the transformation you see in the mirror.

This is a curriculum that teaches you the value of defeat and how to handle it. If you are looking for a challenge beyond the ordinary, YESAcademy is where you belong. If you're ready to launch your business career, we welcome you. We are the engine that is reloading and reshaping the economy with a new breed of high-performing, ethical salespeople.

We Do What School Doesn’t.

See how the YESA learn while you earn educational program works.

The University Approach

Most university programs are a heavy burden financially and don’t provide direct or applicable real-world experience and ultimately don’t provide a direct runway to achieving your dream.

The YESA Approach

Designed specifically in a staircase approach that provides real world experience, high earning potential, and an educational and mentorship program like no other, YESA provides the perfectly structured launchpad to help you achieve your dreams.

YESA Vs. University

A simple comparison shows the difference between the YESA model and the typical university model.

INCOME $50k-$150k/yr $0
TUITION $0 $3K-$30K/yr
MATERIAL COSTS $0-$100/mth $3K-$5K/yr
TEACHERS Experienced,
Business Owners
No Experience

How To Get Started With YESA

  1. Apply to enroll in YESAcademy.
  2. Complete and submit the application.
    If qualified you will be contacted by a YESAcademy team member for an interview.
  3. Succeed in our interview process.
  4. Spend 7 days in our personal success and sales bootcamp (at no cost).
  5. Pass the Bootcamp.
  6. Begin your junior sales position while enrolled in our intensive 6 week structured sales proficiency program.
  7. Continue with your 52 week program and excel in your sales position and ongoing training with Grant Cardone Academy, building a strong portfolio of results until you graduate.
  8. Graduate to the next Grade in the YESAcademy's curriculum and undertake a new level of study, training and work experience.

The Ultimate Career Opportunity! Get Paid, Get Educated.


Direct to Consumer Sales

Objective: Start your formal work and education with us through our Grade 1, Direct to Consumer Sales Position. This role allows you to earn real income 7-8 hours a day and participate in daily 1-2 hour education courses both in class and online. It is the perfect starting place to begin your career. Selling basics, understanding the buyer and mindset are some key areas of learning in this grade.

Income Opportunity: $45K–$110K
Volume of Sales: High
Selling Price Point: Low

Direct to Consumer Leadership/Advanced

Objective: Our Grade 2 curriculum and work opportunity allows you to further build your skillset by selling higher level offers over the phone. Leadership training, public speaking and mentorship are also a much larger focus here.

Income Opportunity: $55K-$140K
Volume of Sales: Medium
Selling Price Point: Medium

Business to Business Entry Level

Objective:Begin Grade 3 and start to develop and build your business sales skills. You will take your learnings from the past two grades and begin building on them by selling in a business to business sales environment. Negotiating, closing, following-up and advanced selling techniques are all an educational focus here.

Income Opportunity: $60K-$160K
Volume of Sales: Medium
Selling Price Point: Medium to High


Business to Business Advanced

Objective: Grade 4 is where ultimate sales mastery is achieved as you work alongside the best salespeople in the world. You will be immersed in a performance based, highly productive and highly ethical sales culture that is focused on driving results. Mentorship, one on one coaching, role playing, live events and course work are all part of the education in this Grade. Current Business to Business Advanced client is Grant Cardone Canada

Income Opportunity: $110K-$900K
Volume of Sales: Low to Medium
Selling Price Point: High

Young Entrepeneur Program

Objective: If owning your own business is your dream, then this is the Grade for you! Grade 5 is where you can partner with YESA to start your own business. The administrative, legal, accounting, recruitment and marketing are all managed for you while you focus on growing the business. This is where you put all your YESA experience and education to work!

Income Opportunity: $500,000/year or more

What to Expect During Your First Year with YESA

Young Entrepeneur Program

Weeks 1-6

  • Paid in class and in-field training program
  • 1 on 1 shadowing and coaching program
  • Mentorship from key leaders and high performers
  • Drilling various sales scenarios
  • Course work to understand basic sales theory and concepts

Weeks 6-52

  • Online business development training
  • Paid in-field sales position
  • On-going leadership and sales training
  • Daily meetings and drilling scenarios
  • Couse work to continue study of sales and business concepts
  • Take part in various sales competitions (increase earning opportunity)
  • Participation in intensive training and development workshops
  • Annual Awards Gala

The Ultimate Career Opportunity! Get Paid, Get Educated.