Cogeco Case Study

Cogeco Communications

Company: Cogeco Communications

Location: Southwestern Ontario, Canada


Cogeco Communications provides broadband services (Internet, television and phone) to 1.6 million residential and business customers in Quebec and Ontario in Canada as well as in thirteen states in the United States.


Cogeco was searching for a reputable vendor that could properly represent their brand in the residential sales (door to door) sector. Their requirements involved a vendor that could deliver volume sales, while maintaining a high ARPU and offering high quality customer service that would reflect Cogeco’s strong brand.


YESA was initially brought on as a consultant from the initial contracted vendor but within a short time frame ended up purchasing the entire vendor contract to work with Cogeco directly. This then permitted YESA to implement and deploy their full operational wherewithal and deploy their highly trained and skilled sales team with the goal to achieve and surpass Cogeco’s goals; volume sales, high ARPU and quality customer service.


Here are some of the high level results that have been achieved since YESA’s business partnership with Cogeco.

  • Can convert approximately 8.75% of available premises annually by revisiting each market 3 times per year or 8,750 customers for every 100,000 premises
  • Generally telecom companies see a 600% return on our sales efforts (we charge 8x monthly revenue, and the customers stay approximately 48 months)
  • 5%-8% Conversion rate from doors knocked to booked sale
  • Avg 30-35 Connected Customers Per Active Agent (industry high)
  • 4:1 Team Lead to Sales Representative Ratio designed to maximize performance, quality and retention
    Industry leading retention of sales reps (6-8 months)
  • 85%+ high value services sold (meaning we mainly sell the highest tier and highest priced services for maximum average revenue per user)
  • Customers on average stay for 4 years leading to high lifetime value
  • <1.5% disconnect rate after 30 days.
    85% installation rate
  • Industry low customer complaints as % of sales (<0.25%)

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