YESAcquisitions disrupts the traditional modes of selling. Through the YESAcademy, our dedicated training institution, we develop entry-level sales talent into fully fledged sales professionals- and we plug that talent directly into your front line. The incorporation of front-line selling into our curriculum drives category-leading levels of conversions for our clients. Our salespeople are fully vested in our client’s business because their compensation, personal brand, and portfolio are directly linked to achieving the client’s goals.

Our sales teams enable businesses to benefit from young, motivated talent who are part of a new movement in productivity and passion. Every member of the team is trained to understand and communicate what your executives want to convey about your brand. Because it's integral to their career path, our sales professionals express the same level of care and dedication for your brand as you would yourself.

Trust is the highest-value product we provide for our corporate clients. By investing in training our sales representatives in the most ethical and effective methods of communication, we know the sales we provide your organization are brand-appropriate and values-aligned.

How It Works

  • We meet with you and listen to your business dynamics.
  • You set your customer acquisition goals.
  • We create a sales solution to support those goals.
  • We train and deploy an outbound sales team.
  • You pay a fee per acquired customer.

The YESA Difference

Category Model Typical D2C Model
STAFF MAIN MOTIVATION career Development & Future Goals Just a Job & Quick Cash
STAFF SKILL LEVEL Highly Retention & Highly Skilled High Turnover & Low Skill Level
SALES APPROACH Brand Development & Ethical Sales Quick Sales & Possible Brand Damage
MANAGEMENT Culture First Profit First
RESULTS Accurate Forecasts & Consistent Results, Speculation & Inconsistent Production

Benefits To Your Business

  • Control costs with predictable, performance-based compensation.
  • Enhance your brand with ethical, reputable sales professionals.
  • Receive a sales solution that is fully customized to your unique requirements.
  • Help today's young, motivated talent gain valuable, real-world experience.

Our Mission

To transform the business landscape of North America by helping value aligned partners acquire more YES’ for their business so they can scale, reach more customers and positively impact their communities.

Our Values

Brand alignment is key when searching for strategic partners. Here are YESA’s core values for reference.

Results Before Reputation

We deliver results not promises. We manage everything by the numbers and let the numbers tell the story because numbers don’t lie.

Brand Over Sales

Our academy produces ethical salespeople who understand the big picture and put our clients brand and reputation ahead of customer acquisition.

Why Over What

Our first commitment is to your business. By understanding your culture, brand, and direction, we are able to apply elevated levels of ingenuity while remaining brand correct.

People Over Products

People are our biggest asset by far. Our clients’ success is built on our ability to find and shape the brightest minds. We help people be more than they thought possible.

Ethics Over Everything

We achieve unparalleled results because we prioritize customer trust over the need to close the deal. We deliver record level trust, respect and admiration for the organizations we represent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, we acquire Yes’ for you. We build you a sales force that is indoctrinated into your company’s culture, mission and values and executes on a value add, service-based sales process that generates sold and paid customers for your business. YESA is paid when you are paid.

Yes, we generate leads through a direct sales approach. Similar to the customer acquisitions model, we build you a sales force that handles both inbound and outbound calls. We help design the market approach, assess the top 20 target markets that will produce the most value for your business and implement a world class sales system designed to educate and bring qualified and interested buyers into your business. We audit all of the leads we generate for you and provide all feedback and customer responses to help improve your marketing efforts.

Please fill out a webform below. We will review and then setup an introductory call to assess your business’ needs, goals and strategic objectives. YESA only takes on at most 1 new partner a year in order to establish and create a long term, value added relationship with our partners. 

Your business must be able to support an increased salesforce of 10 at a minimum, have a great operation and delivery team with great customer service and reviews, offer a high gross margin product or service and have a scalable business model (meaning the next sale you make costs less and is easier to deliver). We must also share similar values and culture points as we only want to represent the most ethical and sustainable partners.

Yes, we do this as part of partnering with you, but we can also do it as a standalone service although we prefer to build the market approach and a sales force for your business as we can provide much more value to you that way.

Yes 100%. We charge 2x-5x what you would pay an inhouse salesperson as a % of commission depending on the industry and product and service.

Yes, this will be a service we offer more extensively in 2021 and onwards. We will be charging 20%-60% of 1 year’s compensation for a successful hire depending on how long they have been employed with us, the results they have generated with us and the seniority of the role you are hiring for.

Our network is deeply rooted in the franchising and licensing space globally. We do not offer franchises available but we are structuring our business to prepare to move to this model in the future